This, put simply, is a repository for my résumé. More specifically, anything related to game development that I have done will be discussed and made available in this location. El Bastard™ is a nickname which I was given some time ago, and in most gaming communities, it is the one that people know me by. My real name is Tom Pratchios, and if you've gotten here, chances are high that you already knew that.

I thank you for taking your time to come here, and hope that you find the site's design minimalist enough to not be distracting. Those who know me from Total Immage no doubt know that I enjoy my webdesign and further enjoy making each site a work of art. For them, this should be a refreshing change. The navigation above will take you to both my game-related resume in addition to my ever-increasing game design portfolio.

Thank you again for your time.

Tom Pratchios
El Bastard™ on