Tom Pratchios
2233 St. Dunston Ln.
Melbourne, FL 32935
Home: 321.259.1354
Work: 321.728.9914
Objective: To assist Bungie with steps 6 and 7 in the 7-Step Plan™
Employment History past 10 years
Wendy's International
Store Manager

In charge of the results and performance of one location and its personnel.

  • Achieved most profitable restauarant in Southeast Region
  • Numerours Weekly/Monthly Sales records in several locations
Visual Dynamics
Executive of Business Sales

Point of contact for business sales at an Apple Specialist. Handled all business accounts, support, sales and service.

  • Achieved a $450,000 sale to Disney/Disney design group in Celebration, Florida (Walt Disney World)
  • Set store records for montly sales, yearly sales and single sale of Apple hardware.
Total Immage Graphic Solutions       
Creative Director

Responsible for every aspect of operation in addition to design oversight. Lead employees through the creative process to achieve results which match the client's vision and exceed their expectations. Largely responsible for all Web Design.

Relevant non-employment history
Vista Map Making Cartel Admin
Beta tester for Myth II, Oni
  • Numerous Myth, Myth II projects - listed below
  • Online Admin for Bungie's online gaming service
  • Beta tested these products helping ensure quality of shipping game
Web Design Listing
 Level Design Project List
Myth:The Fallen Lords
Maps - Solo Projects
16 Inches and Accumulating
Timewarp 1.0
Timewarp 2.0
Mesa de Sangré
El Bastard Unit Pack
Assisted in Development
Unity 1
Unity 2
North Zerk 40
VR Pool Party

Mesh Inspector Gold
Myth Hexing Guide
MONS tag file structure
CORE tag file structure

Maps - Solo Projects

I'll S'pht On Your Grave

RFC (ReApply For Carnage)
Maps - Team Projects
Assisted in Development
Heart of Darkness
MythIII:The Wolf Age
Maps - Team Projects
Classic Map Pack (SB)*
Classic Map Pack (TFL)*
Key Project Highlights

For Vista's famed Jinn project I stuck to my core strengths of tag editing and unit balance. When both Richard (iggy) and Paul (fisj) were employed to work on Myth III, I accepted the roles of project management, testing, netmap balance/design, unit balance, Quality Assurance and certfication. It certainly was an enjoyable experience organizing the assets to see Jinn through to its release - to date it stands testament to what could be achieved with the Myth II engine.


Fetchball™is definitely the project that most people in the Myth community will remember long after I'm gone. I was contacted by Robert Gotshall (the original concept creator) to help him fix a few problems with beta 4. Numerous gameplay changes, features, units and 55 betas later, we released the finished product which remains one of the most successful Myth II plugins available.

Unity/Unity 2

Unity was the combined effort of clanbear ( [cb] ) to extend the Myth TFL experience. From unique gametypes (Kill El Bastard™ which became a Myth II gametype in Assassin) to addictive gameplay (Dorf™ Riot), unity raised the bar of Myth online gameplay. It was a group effort, and I am proud to have been a part of it.